10 Best Amazon Automation Tools in 2023

10 Best Amazon Automation Tools
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Best Amazon Automation Tools in 2023: Nowadays, automation is a crucial part of the modern business process. It can be applied to any industry, from finance to retail. In the ecommerce world, it’s mostly about making things run more smoothly and better-serving customers through technology.

Amazon has made shopping easier for millions of people. As a result, their customer base has grown exponentially, and there is no end in sight to that growth. They’ve done this by implementing Amazon automation into their business process.

It is excellent news for small businesses as well because it means they aren’t fighting an uphill battle when competing on Amazon; instead, they can use those same tools to excel in the marketplace.

In this article, we have compiled this list of the 10 best Amazon Automatic tools on the market today! Read on to check out these 10 best Amazon automation tools and find out how you can improve your business’s efficiency and make it more competitive on the market today.

What is Amazon Automation Tools?

Amazon Automation tools save the time you spend on tasks by offering a set of tools that enable you to automate tedious or repetitive tasks. You can save an hour a day on completing mundane activities such as posting deals, resizing product images, and more. It will free up your time to focus on other tasks that require more of your attention.

Amazon Automatic tools are an efficient way to ensure that your Amazon listings are optimized for conversion. These tools automatically optimize your keyword strategy, price, and other factors so that you don’t have to do it manually.

10 Amazon Automation Tools You Should Know About


Brightpearl is a great tool to help you manage your inventory. The tool allows you to track your inventory in real-time, add new items, and handle the stock levels of your products.

Using Brightpearl for your amazon product listings is a great way to keep up with the inventory levels of your products on Amazon. The tool will tell you when it is time for an order and what quantities need to be ordered in order to meet the demand for each product in your inventory. If you are not using Brightpearl to track your Amazon product listings, it is highly recommended that you do so.

Helium 10 

Helium 10 is an All-in-One tool that every Amazon seller must have. This tool has an open platform where you can move around to study the product research, best keywords applications, optimization process, and many others, which you need pretty much for the growth of your Amazon store. Using this tool, you can generate profits beyond your imagination, and it earns revenues of millions and millions of dollars for you.

It helps you to manage various tasks like:

  • Keyword research
  • Manage stock inventory 
  • Listing optimization
  • Have a direct insight on the number of stocks left to prevent running out of products.
  • Marketing and Analytics

In conclusion, it is a powerful inventory management tool that saves time by helping you to know everything necessary about your business inventory.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an Amazon research tool that allows you to discover winning products, forecast sales, explore keywords, and spy on competitors all from one simple dashboard.

Here are some of the features of this excellent amazon automation tool:

  • Demand forecasting tools
  • Tracking product sales
  • Supplier Database Tool
  • Enhance keyword strategy 
  • Manage purchase orders

Adding up all the features of Jungle Scout, it is no doubt one of the most highly demanded automation tools by Amazon sellers.


SellerApp is an all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers and e-commerce businesses. It helps you manage your inventory, order fulfillment, customer service, and more.

SellerApp offers a robust set of features for Amazon sellers to manage their business on Amazon and beyond.


Amazon repricing is the process of adjusting your prices on Amazon to take advantage of market opportunities. When you have a new product in your inventory, and you have no idea what price to set for it, you can let RepricerExpress do the work for you. Decide on a price range that you are willing to sell at, and let RepricerExpress take care of everything for you.

The software will automatically optimize your prices so that they reflect current market conditions. It will also stay below your maximum price so that it does not interfere with your profit margins. If the software finds a better price, then it will automatically apply those changes to your listings.

Feedback Whiz

When running a business, it is manually not possible to check and analyze each customer review. Feedback Whiz, thus, is the best amazon automation tool to help you track and manage customer feedback.

Besides, it enables you to track how your product is doing in the market and immediately shows you negative customer feedback. This way, you can make positive changes and improve your products. Further, it also helps you to generate automated emails. These emails are a great way to connect with each customer personally and ask for their reviews on a product.

Feedback Express

Feedback Express is a setting tool that manages the automated emails coming from customers who are your Amazon store’s buyers.  You will get a provision to configure or structure out three types of customer feedback: service emails, reviews from the buyers, and statements from the seller side.

You can edit and personalize the messages to make them more convenient and convincing for your customers. This tool also works on negative feedback by sending a note or an alarm through SMS or mails.

Feedback Five

This editing tool will help you enhance your relationship with your customers by editing the existing templates or some new ones. You can personalize all these templates adding some relevant information and automated “Thanks” reply to the feedbacks of your customers.

It reduces your time on managing the feedback optimization system. This tool generates necessary inputs which you need to improve in your email campaigning strategies, and it also monitors the negative sights of customers’ reviews for the different marketplace.

Profit Bandit

If you are not good with business calculations, then Profit Bandit is the tool you need. 

Its exclusive features like:

  • Automatic calculation of profit and loss on products 
  • In-app competitor analysis
  • Reviewing the sales rank of a product
  • Scanning a product barcode

Are helpful not only for well-running businesses but also for beginners on Amazon.

Viral Launch

Predicting the buyer mindset on Amazon is not an easy task. Hence, new businesses are often confused with questions like: ‘Whether to stock a product or not?’ It is because of results that cannot be correctly determined beforehand, including worries like –

What if I store the product, but people don’t buy it? Or What if the product is high in demand, but I don’t have enough inventory?

Viral launch helps you to stop this confusion by giving you a precise estimate of future sales. This marketing intelligence tool gathers real-time data based on both past and present sales. Ultimately, it improves your decision-making, helping your business grow and flourish with ease.


Apart from these, you can also use other automation tools like Teikametrics, Pixelfy, RepricIt, Omnisend, etc., to grow your business on Amazon.

However, those mentioned above are the most valued and popular ones among sellers. It is because all of these are easy to use and are also available at affordable prices. Moreover, whether you are a beginner or an expert, these have everything you need to produce maximum profits from a business on Amazon. I hope it helps!

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