Everything You Need To Know About Email Automation

Email Automation
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Email marketing is one of the most popular strategies in digital marketing. It’s ideal for a broad spectrum of businesses and individuals looking to retain and attract new customers. Email automation offers excellent potential for growing your list and reaching a wider audience.

Sending engaging and consistent emails to your potential clients is essential. It forms the basis of the sales funnel of your branded products and services.

Amidst a hyper-connected world and dynamic environment, you need to step up with your emailing skills. However, if you are managing other key areas of your business, sending daily/frequent emails to your leads becomes a cumbersome task. 

Email automation has changed the way business owners and entrepreneurs nurture their leads. You no longer feel the burden to send the email across when you have no mood, time, or enough research material. 

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about email automation. So, read on to find out more.

What is Email  Automation?

Email automation is a system used to enhance productivity and efficiency in email marketing. The process of sending emails to targeted audiences at regular intervals, without the need for human intervention, is referred to as an automated workflow.

Having the right email marketing automation platform can be a massive asset to your business. These tools can help you automate many of your email marketing campaigns and save you time so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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Benefits Of Email Automation

Send out segregated emails automatically.

Automated email CRMs allow you to segregate your leads. You know their active timing, demographics, purchasing habits, patterns, triggers, and lots more before and after sending across the automated email – introductory or customized for a limited bunch.

This way, you avoid the human error of sending all emails to every customer. Instead, you send relevant emails to segmented markets of potential customers online. 

For instance, you can send relatable content (discounted or limited offers) distinctively to customers who are searching and reading such newsletters more frequently. 

Increase revenue from transactional emails.

Transactional emails send customers to further websites or influence them to take further action after they are done with the first.

For instance, when a potential customer subscribes to your website/channel, a transactional email can be automatically sent to them for discounted offers. 

Furthermore, when someone purchases an item/service from your online store, you can send them a confirmation email along with recommendations. This way, your emails can trigger customers’ usual buying behavior and increase predicted sales.

Build a reputation with personalized emails.

It’s easier to send segmented customers personalized emails. Using tools like MailChimp, you can start every email with “Hi, (recipient’s name)” instead of writing “Hi dear/there.”

Plus, you can include your contact details in such emails. It’s for building rapport directly with the client or customer. This move works when they surely need your assistance. Otherwise, when you’ve nurtured this lead quite well already. 

Cut down the inbound marketing cost. 

Automated emails help you cut the cost of hiring people to follow-up or keep track of who read the email (who didn’t) and when. The CRMs of such email software provide you with all these email marketing tactics in advance. 

So, if the marketing budget is short, there’s no compulsion to hire an extra team member for a hefty amount. Check your CRMs carefully and timely.

Better is when these CRMs of automated emails send you to push notifications of important updates from clients or customers.

Keep the customer interested and engaged with drip emails.

Drip emails keep your potential customers engaged. 

For example, there will be a seasonal discount on blankets at your e-commerce store in four weeks. So, from now on, you can automate emails/newsletters to educate, convince, and move your customers’ perception of the blankets you want to sell.

When the deal is about to start in a day or two, automated emails will be sent with better CTAs to derive faster and more direct sales. This will excite them about grabbing a lighting deal on blankets they have been reading about for a few weeks already. 

Build consistent trust level with each targeted customer

Brands that send timely emails to customers create a more trusted perception in their minds. That’s when automated emails come into use in building a direct rapport with customers without actively checking each email’s status.

It’s even better if you incorporate your brand stories, testimonials, news, and celebrations in these emails. 

Also, there are templates in automated email tools where you can create limited-time offers for specific and privileged customers. With predetermined timers, triggers, or customer behaviors, send these emails across: without actively having a vigilance from behind the monitor.

6 Best Email Automation Tools

Creating and sending individual emails can be tiresome. You cannot send bulk business emails as the ISP can treat them as spam. There are specialist email companies that can help you send bulk emails.

These companies often have tools known as email automation tools.


Over 60,000 companies of various sizes and shapes use ActiveCampaign. This email automation software helps you create drip emails. This will, in turn, boost your subscriber ratio, demographics, interaction, interests, and history.


  • Updated features
  • The tool is versatile and flexible
  • Excellent customer support

Price: The basic plan starts from $9 per month. The enterprise plan costs $229 per month.


Hubspot is popular among small companies. About 48,000 companies use the tool. Therefore the software has been ranked second on our list.

To support your company and campaigns, Hubspot offers:

  • A landing page builder platform
  • Email marketing automation tool
  • An all-in-one CRM


  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • You can customize your user experience

Price: Hubspot Marketing Hub is available for $50 per month.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a powerful Email marketing automation software. The tool allows the user to send detailed emails with unique designs. You can also arrange for Facebook fan promotions, discount coupons, and various deals.

Constant Contact also offers an Autoresponder.


  • An excellent customer support
  • Simple and user-friendly UI
  • Get demographic reports of email recipients

Price: The subscription starts from $20 a month

Once you register for, you can send various push notifications, targeted emails, and SMS to your customers. So you can create better relationships and increase the number of subscriptions.


  • You can customize your drag and drop and HTML templates.
  • You can import your templates
  • One segment for all (Google and Facebook)

Price: You can use the automation tool by paying $150 per month for 12,000 profiles.


Drip offers a simple interface where you can drag and drop elements. Then you can add them to your customized templates.


  • The tool can easily handle large amounts of data
  • Dark mode available
  • Can create unique and responsive emails and HTML templates

Price: The price starts from $19 per month for 1,500 contracts.


ConvertKit is the perfect email automation tool for creators. The tool helps you find your audience and convert them into real fans. Most bloggers and online course instructors use this automation tool.

The main task is creating and sending clean emails. The application encourages the users to create their own templates.


  • You can use WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Develop your landing pages and tags
  • The process of email automation is simple.

Price: The tool offers a free plan for 1,000 monthly subscribers. The premium plan starts from $29 per month.


To successfully run your website, you need various tools and applications. One such application is an email automation tool. The email automation tools reduce your effort by automatically sending out emails.

We have listed some of the best email automation tools available in the market. You can pick the best tool according to your requirements and budget.

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